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The Student Service Design Challenge 2021 had over 70 teams with the participation of student teams from 22 schools and universities worldwide.

My team was one of the selected 27 teams that made it as a finalist.


The Prompt

How to design backwards to move fowards?

Foward logistic services are continually evolving, and the optimisation of the ‘user experience’ is the driving force. However, with reverse logistic services, the opposite seems the norm.


The Process

Proposal ( Identify & Discover)

The goal of this round is to explore the topic of 'reverse logistics', to identify potential opportunities, and to write a detailed proposal.

Empathize & Discover

Empathize & Discover

The goal of this round is to dive deeply into the problem we were trying to solve by becoming immersed in the lives of the people involved.

Frame & Define

Frame & Define

This step was about synthesizing the information from the discovery phase and reviewing our progress in relation to our proposal from round 1.


This step was a crucial step before moving on to creating ideas as it reveals new solutions and opportunities.

Ideate & Develop

Ideate & Develop

After framing our problem, we were thinking about solutions about how we can achieve our goals. This was where we came together as a group to ideate, test, and define our solution to deliver as the final part of our project.