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As a part of the Healthcare Information Systems UX design intern, I learned a lot about navigating complexity and conducted several Evaluative Research sessions with customers on my design.

I also had the opportunity to work on projects with fellow design interns and was able to participate in great 3M events such as the 3M Hackathon and 3M Allyship.

The details of the internship is under NDA. If you want to learn more about my contributions, feel free to contact me.


Check out some of my other projects!

Summer Internship

sdc option.png

Service Design Challenge 2021

Service Design Challenge 2020 Finalist. Over a course of 6 months conducted research and used various service design methods to build a service model.

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Collaborated with HP, Adobe, Intel, and Nvidia to create a digital experience to increase brand awareness for the Zbook products to students in creative fields.

Summer Internship



Our project lighthouse is both an app and a device that works hand in hand to aid in active listening and empathy in group conversations.

Summer Internship



Moment is a haptic device that assist with on-the-spot decision making for individuals with visual impairment.

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