Mobility Independence for All


Project Manager, Visual Design


10 weeks


Moment is an app and haptic device that works hand in hand to assist with on-the-spot decision making for individuals with visual impairments.

Individuals can also pin haptic ques in specific locations and customize their haptic settings for a more effective and personalized navigation experience. 

Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment or blindness

The Problem

People who are visually impaired struggle to quickly adapt to vast and drastic environmental changes that disturb their mental maps.



Moment is a haptic device that assists with on-the-spot decision making for individuals with visual impairment. Moment provides directional cues when users are faced with an environmental obstacle in their path.

Moment User Selling Points
Moment Device Features
  • Two proximity sensors
  • Quick-access on/off button
  • Haptic feedback for chosen pinned directions
ADA Compliancy

Current Commute

  • ALT Text Directional Overview of Routes within Commute.
  • Modules of step by step directions make complex directions easy to understand.
  • Edit, Add, and Re-order destinations while on a Current Commute.
  • While creating a Custom Commute you can add Alert Pins to highlight individual directional cues.
  • Pins every ALT Text Direction for full responsive Haptic GPS.
  • Add Alert Pins throughout your commute for Haptic Cues along your way.

Pinning an Alert

Saved Routes & Past Commutes

  • Save Routes to add to your commute for easy access when creating a new Commute.
  • Get quick ALT Text Descriptions for your routes prior to finalizing a Commute.
  • Review Past Commutes for easy access to frequent destinations.
  • Change general Accessibility Settings such as brightness and sizing in Display Settings and ALT Text Speeds.
  • Customize the Strength and Distance of your haptic alerts.
  • Create specific Haptic Cues for your Pin Alerts.

Customize Moment

Alleviate the pain of the preparatory steps before going to a new location.
Better navigate around on-the-spot unexpected obstacles.
Provides confidence with wayfinding through precise haptic cues.

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