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Hello I am Yeji Han!

I am a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design ( SCAD, June 2022) with a major in User Experience Design, and minors in Service Design and Graphic Design. 


I am currently looking for full-time job opportunities. I hope to be in a place of collaboration and growth where I can learn while applying my unique perspective, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills. 

Ultimately I would like to be an inspiration for young aspiring designers like me. 


I am very service-oriented: I was a Student Ambassador for SCAD, Vice President of SCADLIT ( Leaders of Inclusive Thinking), and an Officer for the Service Design Club.



Why UX and Service Design?

Why is your website domain "eloiseyeji"?

Any fun facts?

I have experiences in various unconventional sports such as, 

  • Kayaking ( certified instructor! )

  • Horseback riding

  • Figure Skating

  • Fencing

My nickname as a child was Eloise. This was inspired by the book character from “Eloise at the Plaza.” Like Eloise, I am curious, cheerful, fun-loving, and enthusiastic to explore the world and help people.

What I really love about design is that there is rarely a  clear and easy answer to the solution from the start. One has to go through a journey in search of the answer together with the potential user. There are so many sides that have to be considered and almost never the "right" answer.

This exploration is what I love where I have to find the “best” answer depending on the user and context, defying assumptions, and my own preferences. I love to create products and services that truly reflect people’s wants and needs.

Where are you from?

Well that is a GOOD question. A question I struggle to answer.


I was born in Korea.


Lived “majority” of my live in the USA

image 60.png

Currently HOME is in Thailand.

But I identify myself as an international nomad as I have lived in many other places such as,







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