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Connecting people one team at a time




UX/UI, UX writing, Prototyping

June~ October 2020 (Lauching 2021)


Founder is a platform that helps connect people who want to build startups with the aim of connecting the world. 

We use a strong pairing system through short surveys, so we will be able to match and pair with your person of need. 

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The Problem

580 MILLION entrepreneurs are dreaming of being the next unicorn with their mind-blowing ideas. Unfortunately, not everyone survives, 90% of startups failing. There are obviously many reasons, but did you know “not having a right team” is one of the top 3 reasons they fail? 

During an in-depth interview with Michelle, a CEO of an AI-based startup in South Korea, I asked her about the struggles of starting her own business. She talked about how and why it took such a long time to find the right people at the right time.

The team dynamic is one of the critical factors of a “successful“ startup. Being in a startup is not going to be all rainbows and sunshine. You need a strong team that supports each other, drive the company forward through all the obstacles.

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One of the top 3 reasons for startups to fail is because it's just 'not the right team'

Introducing, founder.


Founder is a platform that will help you connect people who want to build startups with the aim of connecting the world.​

The unique part of Founder is a strong pairing system that matches teams with the most compatible person. Beyond filtering basic needs such as location and experience, Founder aims to better understand their users through understanding their values, work ethics, and much more.



Our visual design principles



Make use of rounded shapes and bright accent colors for an approachable user interface.



A combination of abstract shapes and dynamic poses help envigorate the user.



Illustrations should serve not as distractions but as visual boosts to uplift the interface.


Discover the projects that speak to you

During the onboarding process, users will be probed to choose categories that interest them. So once they enter the app they are welcomed by projects that fit their interests. 

Specially curated survey crafted to help you find the perfect team

Users have an additional option to take a quick survey. This will help Founder to better match users to the most compatible team. The survey has been carefully crafted by psychology major teammate to ensure the effectiveness and impact for our survey.


Easily add your project and join the community!

Founder makes recruiting easier. The Recruit page makes it very simple to add your projects. Just follow the provided steps and your project will be up in no time! The app also makes smart decisions to help you find the right position for your team. 

Recruit with confidence by checking matched rate

Based on your survey results, Founder shows you other users that may fit your project needs. Along with specific filters for your needs, view the most compatible people on the top of the screen.


We still have much more to go! The app is planned to launch next year. Stay tuned or contact me for more information.

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