This is a 10-week long project for the course, Information Architecture

This whole project is from the prompt 'Digital twins'.

In this project, we used various UX techniques such as, 

  • Primary research

  • Secondary research 

  • Persona

  • Storyboards

  • Card sorting 

  • Task analysis 

  • Blueprints

  • Developing Concepts

  • Prototypes

  • User Testing/ Evaluation

My Role: Research, UI/UX, Copywriting, Persona

Synteam Vision video



Part 1: Research

Before deciding on our topic, we tried to understand 'Digital Twins'.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system across its lifecycle, using real-time data to enable understanding, learning, and reasoning. An example would be screen golf as it is designed to mimic the real game experience.

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Topic of Interest:

Competitive multiplayer esports teams 


watched the League of Legends Championship in 2019


watched the Superbowl in 2019

According to, Understanding Esports from the Perspective of Team Dynamics by Wanyi Tang

We also suggest further avenues of research in HCI and CSCW to design systems that support the formation of teams, to explicate the optimal modalities of communication for different teamwork situations, and to fully understand the delicacies of how personal and professional relationships could intertwine in virtual teams




Age demographic


Head coaches 

(League of Legends, Overwatch)



Team Captains

(Rainbow Siege, Overwatch)






Sports psycologist

Part 2: Insights and HMWs

For Pro teams, only 5% of players are actually better than the rest. It's more about finding pro players that play well together.

Even if you can have full trust and be best friends if play styles don't match a team cannot be successful.

“In Overwatch, a lot of people with the same personality do typically play the same characters which are weird. People who are tanks typically are more like defensive people”

The player’s personality directly correlates to the hero that they choose to play

“They (coaches) spend more than the players themselves looking at the past games… They keep up with the meta, they read all the past notes or read all the changes that could happen.”

Most coaches are analytical and they like to guide a team based on analytical data.

“DISC system would highlight personalities, then they can predict conflict. It tends to give you insights into things you may not be aware of.”

Appropriate testing can predict team conflicts.

HMW introduces a digital twin technology that understands each player’s personality and skills in order to provide guidance on how to improve team synergy?

Part 3: Lo-fi and Hi-Fi testings

Design Questions

How can I personalize my profile for my gaming needs?

How can I analyze my teams performance?

How can I run simulations of my team?

How can I access the latest match analysis?

How can I access resources that will benefit my team?

  • Replace the Landing Page to be the Profile Page, 

  • The daily missions should be readily available

  • Users rather prioritize their own stats

  • Remove redundancy

  • Replace the Landing Page to be the Profile Page, 

  • The daily missions should be readily available

  • Users rather prioritize their own stats

  • Remove redundancy

  • Users wanted the video to be bigger

  • Differentiate what the players and coaches  see

  • Analytical thinking should be left more to coaches 

  • Clarify data and time-stamped actions in video

  • Differentiated information granularity

  • Added “Simulations” for a more useful function

  • Added real time data and time-stamped actions 

  • “Resources” was seen as unimportant

  • Videos should be relevant

  • Video upload should be with the matches

  • Searching for resources can be done externally

  • Prioritized 3 features on the global navigation

  • “Video Upload” moved to ”Match Data”

  • “Video Tutorials” are directly related to player missions

  • “Team Cohesive Report” and “Compatibility Analysis” could be consolidated

  • Players found “Team Analysis” confusing and vague

  • Analytical thinking should be left more to coaches

  • Primed data for analytical thinking

  • Added Player DISC Comparison for coaches

  • Identified clear comparison criteria for the data graphs

Part 4: Prototyping and Final concept

Player View

Coach View

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